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Lagos Living – Tarkwa Bay

Hey all!

I know it’s been a minute right? Well, I miss you guys too. So I’m finally hitting the publish button on this post even though this whole outing happened about 2 weeks ago. It’s never too late to publish a post even though it took me 24 hours to plan this whole outing with my friends, I’m glad we had a lot of fun.

The Comeback ; My Long Break and Life Lately

Hey there strangers! It’s been a long while.

I really don’t know how to start explaining the reason for my sudden and long absence from blogging (it’s been 8 months) but I miss this space so much!

I want to blame my absence on school, my dissertation, being an entrepreneur and work.Being in final year sort of killed my creativity and I had no motivation to write or take pictures.

The Long Break

My final year in uni was the longest and most stressful period of my life. Coupled with the fact it was Ramadan and I was writing exams, I also had to complete my studio work while finalizing the last chapter of my dissertation and running a business. I think I deserve to call myself Wonder Woman.

official shona
Official Shona

It was so difficult getting back into blogging because I just needed a break from everything after the stress I went through in my last year of uni. I decided to give myself one month extra to rejuvenate. I lost motivation to blog, make YouTube videos, take photographs or even post on Instagram because I had a creative block but I knew I needed to get back here. I began to remember the reasons I started in the first place and what I want to achieve and that really motivated me. A lot of you also sent me emails and DMs saying you missed me. I’m really grateful.

The Blog

Most people who follow my blog would know that this site was originally, but Unfortunately the domain expired and I decided to switch to  because the previous domain seemed longer and not very official (if you know what i mean).

I also decided to redesign my blog!  (I’m a creative designer and  you can check out my design packages here.) I thought I’d give the blog a new look and start afresh. It’s more responsive and easier to navigate. Catch up on my previous posts here and here. I also redesigned my logo a bit, but I kept my signature ‘O’.

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Life Lately

No one ever tells you adulting isn’t as easy as it seems. Completing 5 years of uni is another story entirely ( maybe I should write a post about my university experience- p.s -If you want to read about my experience in uni, let me know in the comment section below).

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately;

  • I got the opportunity to work at one of the top design agencies in Nigeria (kind of like a dream for me lol). I’m learning a lot and it’s been fun and exciting so far.
  • Launched My brand Soles N Shades, an exclusive Footwear, and Eyewear brand. Running a business is not easy, but I’m learning as I go on.  You can check out the website here to shop for amazing glasses and slides.
  • Currently,  I’m working on strategy to grow my brands. Both Soles N Shades and Official Shona. People keep telling me to stick to one thing but, they represent different parts of me and I can handle them without either suffering.
  • Missing photography. I haven’t had time to take pictures in a long while and I really need to get back into the game and get better.



The Come-back

Asides this, I’m really just trying to put less pressure on myself. It can get quite overwhelming looking through Instagram and seeing so many successful bloggers and other creative but the truth is we just need to work at our own pace because these people didn’t get there in one day. Consistency is key. Basically, I’m just going to take a chill pill and do my own thing.

Long break- the come back
Burnt Sienna- retro

I have a lot of exciting content outlined for the blog and I promise to be as consistent possible, maybe publish a post or two every week.

I really missed this space and my readers. I’m glad to be back, and sharing stories about my life and experiences with you. I hope you all accept my apologies.

If you need someone to create or revamp your blog or design your personal website, just send me a message here. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you guys.

Did you miss me? Tell me in the comment box below!


Hey Guys,

Happy Holidays to you even though it’s coming late lol. Anyway, I hope you all had a blast this holiday season and you didn’t let this depressing economy get a hold your slay and happiness.

Elelgushi beach
Elelgushi beach

This holiday has been the best for me so far and I made sure I made the very best out of it. I’ve gotten better at driving at least I can say about very left the beginner stage. And I just want to say a big thank you to my customers. They are just the best. Even the ones that tell me to keep an item for them and then end up not getting back to me. THANK YOU STILL.

Anyway, so I went to Elegushi on the second of January which was a very wrong choice. We ( my friends and I) initially planned on going to Lekki Jakande beach, but they remembered they had a reunion at Elegushi beach so we just had to go there.  you can check out my previous  blog post on Lekki jakande beach here


So we got there and I was alarmed! It was filled with o many people, just like a concert. Just imagine them collecting ₦1000 from over 3000 people just in one day. That’s a total of ₦3million … SHOOT ME!!!!

Anyway, I was actually pissed and irritated because it was filled with so many people, the beach was unkempt and smelly and it just made me sick.

But then the photographer in me came out to life. So I just thought to myself

Why not take pictures ehn?

So I decided to make good use of the crowd lol!

Everyone at Elegushi was so so so and even too happy. People were dancing, playing, eating, and living the life basically it just seemed like everyone in Nigeria was happy.

All in all, I still hate Elegushi beach but I must say I had a really wonderful time with my friends.

And by next week, I’m going to head back to reality (school).😔

I can feel myself doing big things this 2017 and I can’t wait to share it with you all. One wish I really have is to be featured on Guardian life this 2017 and I’m praying and working hard towards that dream and it can be achieved with your help.😊


Did you guys notice my home page and the blog redesign? What do you think of it?

I’m trying to work more on self-branding too lol.

I know most of you all have been to the Elegushi beach, what was your experience like?


Hey guys,

I’m currently counting my days in uni and I swear I cant wait, I’m tired! I’ve been ranting on twitter now on how much I hate NYSC and how I pray that they scrap it or even make it optional because I can’t imagine going through all of that trouble after living in this kind of country lead by this kind of government. maybe the NYSC actually helped a lot of people and that’s good for them but it needs restructuring and I know I don’t want to travel all the way to one state and not end up returning home to my family (God forbid tho) just like the girl who recently died in the cap due to negligence. its really sad and I pray that the Almighty heals and strengthen her family.

This is one thing that is actually bothering my mind, the fact that I have to do NYC. I’ve suffered enough in this Nigeria and now I may have to face the whole NYSC orientation. Honestly, i don’t think the NYSC itself  is actually that bad, I’m just really concerned about the camp, that is my MAJOR issue.

I saw a tweet recently about a girl in camp who was being harassed by one of the soldiers and there’s little or nothing she could do about it. imagine us being in the presence of the people who were put in place to mentally and physically train you only to be harassed because they see women as an object of please like are you kidding me? and trust me there is little or nothing you can do because there no one to report to. I saw a reply on the tweet and the guy said in quote

what is in your body that they cannot touch?

Just imagine that trash the one is divulging, mschheeewww!!

Anyway, I just knew that NYSC will deny the whole incident about the girl dying in camp, giving excuses that will just irritate your soul. they stated in quote

the girl was sick from home

like WTH??!! and so what? that doesn’t justify their negligence!

I swear I’m just tired of this country and can you imagine that no one, not any of our leaders has even come out to say anything about this situation. I saw a picture of some NYSC camps and i just wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. it made me sick to my stomach. even refugees live better than corpers in NYSC.

I’m sure you all can read how pissed I am because I just can’t! and someone will come and tell me that

i wont have some mandatory or necesary experiences needed to build a worthy life?

Like are you for real nigga?! I don’t need NYSC to teach me that, living in Nigeria alone has taught and is still teaching me that!


All in all, the NYSC program itself is not that bad, BUT the camp orientation should be scrapped if the government isn’t going to provide necessary facilities to help facilitate the program. can you imagine driving down to Ebonyi, Zamfara or all those other states with terrible and dysfunctional roads? like can you imagine?

Wait, do all these senators, the governors and some of these leaders kids even go for NYSC because I have not heard of ONE going for that, but how could they, how?

If I’m to continue with this post I swear I’m not going to stop because I’m just tired!

I always appreciate your comments, please let me know how you feel about this.



#Storyime- I Caught Him

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a long while but it hasn’t really been easy. Being an adult and trying to be responsible and of course making money is so so difficult and school is not even helping! I’m trying to combine schooling with business and life and trying to collaborate is so not easy and the fact that my school is not even situated in Lagos is not even making things smooth for me. but ill be fine. I’m in my final year (alhamdulillah) and I cant wait to be done.

Advice for students!!


Anyway moving to today’s gist.

As most of my readers may know, I’m very active on twitter if you aren’t following me, you should just by clicking this link .

So I met this guy on twitter o lets say his name is AHMED, so Ahmed slid into my DMs and he began sending me messages. I’m a very picky person when it comes to the people I reply or befriend on twitter. if my spirit flows with you then we may even become BFFs!  so I try to be nice by replying the basic questions like

how are you,

tell me about yourself,

what do you do,

are you single,


Anyway, I replied him politely till he decided to get straight to the point. the next thing I knew, this guy started telling me things like

i really like you o

you are very beautiful

im looking for a woman i want to spend the rest of my life with.

im looking for a finacee o

can we meet?

can i come and see you?

i work at a company on the island.

And honestly, I don’t even take guys like these serious. not one bit because you can’t just meet someone within a week and say all these trash, maybe he thinks I’m single and searching or I’m supposed to jump at his offer because he works on the island.

So one day I went for my aunt’s wedding and he was spotted there with a very pretty dark skinned lady. (he sent me a few pictures so I had an idea of how he looked). I didn’t even notice he was the one because I sat right opposite him and I bolted before he could recognize me.  I asked my aunt who he was and she said he was her friend’s fiancee and I was like WTF!!!

After asking her a few details about him to clarify my suspicions, I was right, he was the one. my aunt went ahead my telling me how his parents and the lady’s parent have been introduced, how they have been searching for a good house to move in and of course how the lady (her friend) has been having second thoughts because she feels he’s not being serious anymore.

So right at the wedding, I sent him a message on twitter asking him where he was and he said he was at his place like can you imagine?someone, I caught red handed like this and he still lied! I’m actually quite glad he didn’t recognize me at the wedding.

Do you guys know that I asked Ahmed if he was in a relationship and he replied with a lie! I even told him he had a fiancee and he said yes, but he they had broken up and that was like two days after I caught him at my aunt’s wedding o

Since then, I realize that some men aren’t worth the shit!

According to my aunt, they had been together for over a year and recently when I asked my aunt about her friend, she told me she had ended the relationship with him and I was so happy for her!

At may take a while for her to recover from the heartbreak but it’s better to be single than to think you have found a good man but he’s just trash!

Have you had a similar experience? let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading.


#outandabout – Cafe Neo Yaba

Hey guys,

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Did you check out my previous article on the day I walked from VI to LEKKI? Do check it out here.
So the other day I went to cafe neo for a mini meeting with Mukhtara Yusuf. We are working together on a collaboration which I would be sharing with you guys soon. Stay tuned .

The day I walked from VI to LEKKI.

Hey guys,

I hope You all are doing okay and I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on Aaliyah’s story, I really appreciate it and it just shows how much there’s still so much love in our hearts. If you haven’t read it, do check it out here.
So I went for an African Expo tech event titled Disruptive Africa Expo or something ike that about two weeks ago, sponsored by my former work place (finally done with internship) at four points hotel at Victoria Island. Apart from what I was to learn at the event, I was also looking forward to the food.