Hey guys,

I know it’s been a long while but it hasn’t really been easy. Being an adult and trying to be responsible and of course making money is so so difficult and school is not even helping! I’m trying to combine schooling with business and life and trying to collaborate is so not easy and the fact that my school is not even situated in Lagos is not even making things smooth for me. but ill be fine. I’m in my final year (alhamdulillah) and I cant wait to be done.

Advice for students!!


Anyway moving to today’s gist.

As most of my readers may know, I’m very active on twitter if you aren’t following me, you should just by clicking this link .

So I met this guy on twitter o lets say his name is AHMED, so Ahmed slid into my DMs and he began sending me messages. I’m a very picky person when it comes to the people I reply or befriend on twitter. if my spirit flows with you then we may even become BFFs!  so I try to be nice by replying the basic questions like

how are you,

tell me about yourself,

what do you do,

are you single,


Anyway, I replied him politely till he decided to get straight to the point. the next thing I knew, this guy started telling me things like

i really like you o

you are very beautiful

im looking for a woman i want to spend the rest of my life with.

im looking for a finacee o

can we meet?

can i come and see you?

i work at a company on the island.

And honestly, I don’t even take guys like these serious. not one bit because you can’t just meet someone within a week and say all these trash, maybe he thinks I’m single and searching or I’m supposed to jump at his offer because he works on the island.

So one day I went for my aunt’s wedding and he was spotted there with a very pretty dark skinned lady. (he sent me a few pictures so I had an idea of how he looked). I didn’t even notice he was the one because I sat right opposite him and I bolted before he could recognize me.  I asked my aunt who he was and she said he was her friend’s fiancee and I was like WTF!!!

After asking her a few details about him to clarify my suspicions, I was right, he was the one. my aunt went ahead my telling me how his parents and the lady’s parent have been introduced, how they have been searching for a good house to move in and of course how the lady (her friend) has been having second thoughts because she feels he’s not being serious anymore.

So right at the wedding, I sent him a message on twitter asking him where he was and he said he was at his place like can you imagine?someone, I caught red handed like this and he still lied! I’m actually quite glad he didn’t recognize me at the wedding.

Do you guys know that I asked Ahmed if he was in a relationship and he replied with a lie! I even told him he had a fiancee and he said yes, but he they had broken up and that was like two days after I caught him at my aunt’s wedding o

Since then, I realize that some men aren’t worth the shit!

According to my aunt, they had been together for over a year and recently when I asked my aunt about her friend, she told me she had ended the relationship with him and I was so happy for her!

At may take a while for her to recover from the heartbreak but it’s better to be single than to think you have found a good man but he’s just trash!

Have you had a similar experience? let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading.



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  1. I am not surprised. Men are scum, may Allah provide us with the best spouses.

  2. Hmm. A nice piece here, motivated by a personal experience. Clear and revealing.
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  3. ?? lol some guys tho. At least you were sensible not to fall, some would realize they have and still balance in it. May God help us and give us our own peace of mind guys.

  4. Good thing you didn’t date before you discovered. Some men just make you want to hate them all!

  5. Prisca Ekenimoh Reply

    Can you imagine!!
    it’s nothing new to them,they always want to eat their cake and have it.
    Thank God you figured out the kind of guy he is.
    I only feel pity for his Fiancée
    Happy new month Z!

    • But my question is why do they have to be like that?
      They are never content with what they have. Them yoruba demons!
      Thank you for commenting sis..Happy new month to you too.

  6. Olamilekan Reply

    I think what you did here is not too cool and somethings just dont add up in your post…
    First off, I’m not justifying his actions or whatsoever. You could have written this whole story without being too precise with the personality of someone else. Why mention his name? You would still pass the message without. BTW, how can you be so sure, fulfilling all righteousness you couldnt even confront him for certainity.
    You asked if he was in a relationship and he said “NO”. Thats no longer a lie since you ended by saying he broke up with his fiancee. So its the truth.
    And why are you all berating men here like its not the same for females. This attitude is relative to persons not to a gender.
    And hell yeah! I slide to your DM too and its not that friendly….. smh

    • Thank you for commenting but if you read the post very well, I said let’s call him Ahmed which Indirectly means Ahmed is not even his real name.

      2- if you also read the post very well, I confronted him via text right in my face and he lied.

      3- if you read it very very well, I confronted him after meeting his fiancee and he still lied!

      So If you are really going to drop your comments, do make sure you read and understand the post very well.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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  8. It goes down in the DM!!! ?Personally I don’t take guys I meet on social network serious. A part of me just don’t believe anything they says.

  9. Even though not all men are like that, most are. It’s a fucking game to them, may God save us from the likes of them.

  10. Abubakar Sadiq Reply

    So, i would laugh at how dumb his lies are. he has forgotten he is in 2016(almost 17). but again, irritated by the same lies. but good luck to all the good ladies out there. May you find the right one.

  11. Abbas Malik Reply

    Fine he was a scum but there are some really good guys out there common!
    Guys like us.

    • Lol smh… That’s what Yall say. There are some exceptional guys though which I agree with.

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