Hey guys,

What’s up with you all? I hope you all read my previous post on how much I hate the NYSC program and how I’m currently praying and fasting that they should scrap it lol, if you haven’t,you check it out here.

So my course mate / friend decided to rock her natural hair and I said to her;

Chisom, let’s do a photo shoot…with you wearing your afro.

And she said agreed.

Let me say this now and I’m not trying to brag or whatever but I basically inspired her to start embracing her natural hair since e were in 200 level and I must say I feel really proud of myself lol!

So Chisom is a bad ass makeup artist too, you can check out her Instagram page @thecla121 and her makeup page @cvabeauty.

We had to work with two styles,

1- where she wore her natural hair in a puff

2- where she finally embraced and wore hear hair in an afro. Mind you, she doesn’t wear her hair in Afro. This was her first major time.

We basically decided to make it fun and just shoot in some areas in my school.

When we were done with the first style, I found a perfect place to take these dope ass shots which blended well with her afro.

Please, Yall, let’s appreciate her melanin and my editing skills!! claps I think I’m really getting better at this, or what do you think?

During the shoot, she made a statement which made me all mushy ;

Zainab, I’ve never really embraced my afro and I don’t even like wearing it because I wasn’t sure if it would look good on me. But you just made me love it now.. Thank you!.

plus i look like my mom in the 70s lol!

See me feeling like a motivator lol! And I hate feeling mushy. It’s just weird!

Did Yall notice the retro hippie sunglasses, well it’s from my #getshaded collection and you can always send me a dm on Instagram or Twitter for your affordable Vintage shirts and sunglasses too?

P.S- I was about to sell my camera about last week and I started figuring out some things about it and I’m just falling in love with it the more. This baby is staying with me forever!

Thank you guys for reading, if you would like us to work on some sort of collaboration, click here and let’s work together!


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  1. I love the photos
    looks like you guys had fun doing them
    I’m also embarking on my own natural hair journey
    I’m eager for the day my hair will be that long.

  2. Hi Shona I came across your blog on the internet.I must confess you are a bad-ass photographer.I love your blog and how concise your writeups are,as for the camera please keep it because it is really doing a good job and please girl I read in one of your post that you design your blog.I must say you are a genius and I love your layout.please what blogging platform is your blog on,is it WordPress or Blogger?

    • Hi girl, thank you for reaching out!
      It’s on wordpress.
      I appreciate the support.. Thank you so much sis. ????

  3. Her hair looks really healthy nd d pictures came out really nice too so keep d camera.

  4. TAZ Reply

    Hey girl!!!
    LOL , I wanna make a comment on your blog but I cannot find the section. Anyways I loved your post about the melanin and fro plus the brogues plus the NYSC. PHOTO Editing skills coming through ?

  5. Love the retro vibes and her highlight is popping! I just started rocking my natural hair well this year too and next year, it’s going to be so rocked!

    • loool.. dont forget to share your journey with us!!!!
      thank you for stopping by

  6. Ameenah Muhammed Reply

    I need you to come photograph me o. look hJust ow you made her melanin pop!
    I also really like how you play with the colors. I must say you are really creative.

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