Hey Guys,

Happy Holidays to you even though it’s coming late lol. Anyway, I hope you all had a blast this holiday season and you didn’t let this depressing economy get a hold your slay and happiness.

Elelgushi beach
Elelgushi beach

This holiday has been the best for me so far and I made sure I made the very best out of it. I’ve gotten better at driving at least I can say about very left the beginner stage. And I just want to say a big thank you to my customers. They are just the best. Even the ones that tell me to keep an item for them and then end up not getting back to me. THANK YOU STILL.

Anyway, so I went to Elegushi on the second of January which was a very wrong choice. We ( my friends and I) initially planned on going to Lekki Jakande beach, but they remembered they had a reunion at Elegushi beach so we just had to go there.  you can check out my previous  blog post on Lekki jakande beach here


So we got there and I was alarmed! It was filled with o many people, just like a concert. Just imagine them collecting ₦1000 from over 3000 people just in one day. That’s a total of ₦3million … SHOOT ME!!!!

Anyway, I was actually pissed and irritated because it was filled with so many people, the beach was unkempt and smelly and it just made me sick.

But then the photographer in me came out to life. So I just thought to myself

Why not take pictures ehn?

So I decided to make good use of the crowd lol!

Everyone at Elegushi was so so so and even too happy. People were dancing, playing, eating, and living the life basically it just seemed like everyone in Nigeria was happy.

All in all, I still hate Elegushi beach but I must say I had a really wonderful time with my friends.

And by next week, I’m going to head back to reality (school).😔

I can feel myself doing big things this 2017 and I can’t wait to share it with you all. One wish I really have is to be featured on Guardian life this 2017 and I’m praying and working hard towards that dream and it can be achieved with your help.😊


Did you guys notice my home page and the blog redesign? What do you think of it?

I’m trying to work more on self-branding too lol.

I know most of you all have been to the Elegushi beach, what was your experience like?


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  1. The photographs are stunninh and I really love how you affirm and proclaim your vision on your platforms. May Allah grant you all that is best for you sis ❤

    • lol thank you so much sis! i really do appreciate your support. may Allah grant all of your heart desires too,

  2. Prisca Ekenimoh Reply

    Elegushi is overhyped to me. It is always choked up all the time. I love your new blog design. I wish you an Amazing 2017,and may your dream to be featured in guardian life magazine come true.

  3. TheModestGirlSlay Reply

    Yaaay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates ELEGUSHI BEACH as much as I love beaches! About it’s hype an everything that comes with it. I was at Akodo beach and lacanpin Tropicana on the first January too. I definitely love beach experiences and would love to build a house with the Ocean View. Yes Jakande Lekki beach isn’t a bad choice.

    • Thank you dear for commenting. I would so love to go to LA champagne tropicana.. I’ve heared alot of good stuff about that place. I would like to experience it.

  4. Sarumi Abdulkareem Reply

    Lovely sister the sky is your starting point. Enjoy

    • Thank you dear. I really do appreciate all of your support. Best of luck to you too

  5. Ooops!!!!! Too much people!!! I thought elegushi beach is more like a private beach or something compare to bar beach. Well i haven’t been there before so i can’t tell.

  6. I had a good time when I went there, but it might be because I only came to Lagos to turn up so it was fun meeting so many people. However my introverted self would have said hell nah!!

    Your blog redesign is 100%


  7. Omotunde Oladele Reply

    Your pictures are really lovely!!! I love your sunglasses too. I don’t think I would have been able to deal with some many people, I would have left out of anger or irritation my God!! I prefare private beaches though they are more expensive. Great post and pictures.

  8. that’s Lagos right ? I haven’t been to Elegushi sha… but I doubt I will be going anytime soon!! too populated!! ah ah ah? one thousand times three thousand isn’t equals to 300k, am I right?
    check my blog out

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