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I hope you all are doing okay today. I must announce oo! I’m finally Done with my internship and I can’t be more excited, now I actually have time for things I barely have time for. E.g this blog, my natural hair blog, trying to open a minimal online store for the #vintageVibes collection and my natural hair products line.

Back to business.

So remember the previous post where I shared with you guys the  pictures from my collaboration with Roqeeba which you can out check here and my new camera (the Samsung NX300) which You can also check out here,i featured Aliyah.

the pomo girl, African girl child

I met her during our shoot in Surulere with Roqeeba immidatly we arrived at  Adelabu, and she stopped to ask

Aunty, are you taking pictures with the camera?

I was so surprised, I was like ‘yes I am’ and with so much excitement in her eyes she said

Please snap me

I was super excited because she was going to be my first muse since I recently just got the camera And I admired her courage.

After taking a few shots of her, we were curious to know where she was coming from and heading to on a Saturday afternoon selliNg Pomo and she said,

I live in pako and I’m going to aguda now.

Roqeeba was shocked because the places she mentioned were of far distances. I felt really torn to see such a young girl not even up to 15 years hawking on the street, not like it was my first time, though.

We asked her if she had eaten and she replied


so we had to find a little something to give her, after she left our presence, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and it made me wonder

Have i been grateful enough?

This child has been on the street hawking for hours trying to help sustain her family. And I know no  mother or father would want to see their child hawking but the situation of this country Is just too terrible to sit in a position and expect to make a living. People are really suffering in nNigeria and I really hope till will change for the better.

we asked her what her name was and she said


such a beautiful name that is.

Her story is quite similar to that of Jumoke the bread seller girl, if only i was TY-BELLO this girl too will just blow lol!

All of these pictures were taken with the Samsung nx300 which you can check out in the link above. I think I’m actually getting the hang of this camera and am so loving it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and i really hope you can drop your comments in the box below. Let me know what you think.




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  1. She’s so pretty. It really hurts seeing little children hawking but there’s next to nothing I can do about it right now.

    The pictures are beautiful by the way, well done!

  2. This is so beautiful and impressive….I was literally close to tears ! Keep up the good work dear

  3. She’s so pretty. It saddens me to see children hawking on the street but there’s nothing I can do about it right now.
    The pictures are beautiful, well done!

  4. Wow such a beautiful child. I actually thought she was a boy though. Love how you captured the images, this your Samsung camera is doing good though lol.. Great post.

  5. These pictures are amazing! We just have to be grateful for our lives because no matter how bad we have it some people have it worse. Did you by chance get any way to contact the girl? There are always people willing to help little girls like this on social media especially on Twitter so you can share her story there. Well done Shona.

    • you are really right. some people actually have it very tough. i wish i had asked for her contact and i really hope to meet her again, maybe one day.

  6. The girl is so pretty. Masha Allah. Nothing worse than little children hawking on the streets. Better days will come In Shaa Allah. Nice work with your camera, amazing pictures for an amateur

  7. This story reminds me of a little boy I ran in to too in a similar scenario. Sweet cheerful boy. Learned a lot from him and blogged about it. Nice of you guys to have given her something and even smiled at her. I bet it made her day lovely blog you got, Shona.

    • yes. she was so cheerful and she seems so happy and content.
      thank you fo commenting.

  8. Such a beautiful smile, it’s so sad and I definitely know that have not been grateful enough, am almost done with my internship so am super excited.
    Your pictures are awesome, as usual

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    • It really is. Thank you so much for the comment.
      Do check out the rest of the blog.

  10. well it definitely brought me to tears…….don’t even know what to say
    real nice shot

  11. Akinyemi Asher Reply

    The fact that she actually asked for her picture to be taken in the first place is just sweet enough. Most of these ones that are actually humble in stuff they do, get to be the ones that get the greatest things life has to offer when they are older. She’s too sweet I also want to meet her 🙁 . I really do not even know the problem some of them have when you want to take their pictures with all the shakara and all. That’s one of the reasons why I love this person and yo the depth of field here is like perfectly shallow I don’t even know how to put it but it really makes the beautiful girl stand out. Nice pictures! ? SHE WON’T BE LEAVING MY HEAD ANYTIME SOON! *TOO ADORABLE* . ? thumbs up to you SHONA

    • Lol awww.. Thank you so much.
      I wish she a way in which she could be contacted. But I don’t think she had a cell.
      Thank you so much.?

  12. I’m probably late to the party, but I just visited your blog for the first time and the story struck me.
    Every shot tells a story in itself- from her smile, to the “peace sign”, the humble meal of groundnuts, the fifty naira note she clutches in her palm to her rather “remarkable” trousers, dusty feet and leather sandals. I really hope, most importantly, that she gets an education and gets off the streets soonest. There are thousands of kids like this in Lagos alone and we can only do our best to make life better for them in whatever little way. It’s uplifting to see you put a smile on her face.
    Great blog Shona… I’m binge reading all your posts now.

    • Sigh. It’s really sad. I wish she had some sort of way she could be reached out to. Thank you so much for checking out my blog.??

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