Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Hey, guys!!!

Well, this is my first blog post and I am quite excited. I have been procrastinating on when to start this blog. But like I started my YouTube videos which you can check out here, so I took a deep breath and just give it a go. I didn’t want to start because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have readers who could relate to what I  wanted to blog about but I said to myself ” what the heck” I definitely know that if I didn’t start now and didn’t think I’m ever going to.

I am used to doing so many things myself in terms of the design of the blog, domain, etc. But I never knew I would go through this much stress with Web hosting. I have never had to go through the process of hosting because I have to use and it requires a self-hosted account and a domain I just had to.

I decided to try using the same hosting service   I use for my natural hair blog but sadly that couldn’t work because of the ban placed on the Naira debit cards (bummer). So I had to result to asking my tweeps on twitter about hosting sites in Nigeria and a few were recommended ( not going to mention names). I registered for the two hosting site which were recommended and I began comparing packages. One was actually a bit cheaper than the other but it didn’t come with a free domain registration while the more expensive one did. But I never actually noticed. My just wanted the cheaper one  because common I had budget na!

So anyway I paid for the cheaper not knowing I had to pay extra ( which I never wanted to pay) for a domain. I Wish I had just gone for the other one that was just a little  more expensive than the one I picked and I also get a free domain. Sigh!

Anyway after paying for everything else, I expected them to activate my account so I can begin to develop my blog’s theme but NO!  It was this period they decided to undergo a server upgrade. I called and emailed this person like a million times! maybe not a million times but I was so pissed I think I lost count. I had to wait about two weeks after I had paid before they could actually upgrade their server. I decided to ask for an extension since they had basically wasted about 2 weeks of my time they declined, mscheeww I was so irritated and honestly I regret choosing them as my service provider. Rubbish!

Let me stop venting jare.

So last Saturday I was supposed to go hear  Haneefa Adam talk at this symposium she was to be a guest speaker at  but I couldn’t because…UBER decided to be childish.

After getting all dressed up and I realized couldn’t make it, decided to take a few pictures and use them as my blog into. Lol.

Outfit details :

I wore a boyfriend Jean and a simple white shirt with my gorgeous court shoe. I have this shoe for a while now and never worn it because I am mostly indoors except when I go to work. That day was just a perfect day to rock them shoes. I guess it wasn’t a waste of outfit after all.

I spiced it up with a pair of hoop earrings and a necklace and oh yeah! my Daniel Washington wristwatch and my dope dope sunglasses!

Photo Credit: To my amazing little brother.  I think I’m gradually bringing out his inner photography skills, thanks to me. lol!



So right now I’m at work so I have to go. I hope to be more consistent with my blogging and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post because there will be more to come. ( In Sha Allah).

Till then, stay happy, stay positive!

     Zainab S.


Hello, I'm Shona and welcome to my blog. I'm a photographer, creative designer and entrepreneur. This blog is a platform i created to share my personal style, life and living, photography and other interests of mine. Feel free to connect with me on social media.


  1. I love the sunnies. And the shoes and your neck piece. Lovely mix. Slay.

    P. S You might wanna check the script of your blog though.. Got quite a bit of repetition x4 there

    • Oh great. Thank you huny ?❤️
      Thank you so much for the correction. Appreciate ?

  2. Lol. I think our brothers start out as our photographers. Mine did as well!!

    I wish you all the very best hun!❤️
    Keep at it. ?

    • Lol is your brother your photographer too? Lol
      Thank you. I hope you keep reading. ??

    • aww thank you funke, it was so damn stressful. would have preferred to map domain tho, but I can’t use my card for international transactions you know. i hope to see more of you here. and I’m def gonna check out your blog too,


  4. Nice post with moderate length, else one might begin to start getting bored. You might want to get an editor to help review your write up before posting. I’ll recommend @zubairthedream…. You might also want to take the pictures of those outfits on ground before wearing them.

  5. I’ll be sure to keep checking your’s different and unique ….won’t be a ghost on here. You are beautiful by theway7

    • Lol I know….but then like you said it’s worth it lol. Will check out your blog too..and please don’t be a ghost.

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