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So the other day I went to cafe neo for a mini meeting with Mukhtara Yusuf. We are working together on a collaboration which I would be sharing with you guys soon. Stay tuned .

I have only been to cafe neo once and that was for a natural hair event sometime last year. It seemed like a nice place.
So they recently launched another branch at the E-center Sabo Yaba and it’s pretty close to my place so I decided to go check it out and of course, try out their menu.


Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos

I got to the cafe and it was pretty small, more like tiny. Way smaller than I expected lol!
Regardless of space being small, it was cozy. A really welcoming place to just have a cup of coffee and get some work done.
The first thing I noticed when I entered was the distinct smell of coffee. This is nice for coffeeholic which I’m not.

I requested for a croissant and a cup of expresso with milk and sugar. A complete total of ₦1000 which isn’t really bad.
I remember tweeting and whining about how there aren’t any cool cafes like Starbucks and Costa in Nigeria. Now we have one.

I was attended to really well by the nice guy over the counter ( barristers)who gave me an extra sumn sumnΒ . Lol.
Anyway, I was in cafe neo for over 1 hour even after I was done with my snack and coffee.
I also like the fact that I’m allowed to take pictures with camera, unlike some other shops.


Would I be visiting soon?

Well yeah, if I’m craving that a peaceful and cozy place to just sip coffee, get some work done on my laptop and even a one on one meet up.


Did I mention there’s a place you can charge your phone and laptop for free? And yeah there’s also WIFI.
So if you would like to us to meet one on one, cafe neo is a great choice. As long as you’ll be paying for the coffee. Lol

Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos
Cafe Neo Yaba Lagos

What do you think of Cafe Neo? Β do share yourt houghts in the comment box below!



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  1. youre actually God-sent Zainab. was just thinking about this place this morning (of course didnt know the location until rn). thanks for this

  2. Aww… She is so beautiful,love her skin.. Would definitely Check out this cafe..makes sens

  3. Love this post… and Ithe would be nice to visit this place..
    I love your blog.. very unique and clean.

  4. Cafe Neo is spreading quickly sha. Good for them. I liked the attendance the frist time I was at a branch on the Island. Yaba is closer to me so i should defo check them out

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