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I hope You all are doing okay and I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on Aaliyah’s story, I really appreciate it and it just shows how much there’s still so much love in our hearts. If you haven’t read it, do check it out here.
So I went for an African Expo tech event titled Disruptive Africa Expo or something ike that about two weeks ago, sponsored by my former work place (finally done with internship) at four points hotel at Victoria Island. Apart from what I was to learn at the event, I was also looking forward to the food.

The main reason for actually attending the event was to learn and witness a few things about 3D printing. So we got to the event and sat through the event for close to 4 hours and I was really hoping to be served food especially jollof rice mainly because I was perceiving jollof rice just by the hall way and I didn’t have breakfast.
So I sat down there waiting to be given jollof rice o and nothing!
No jollof rice!
I was so damn pissed and the 3D printing I was even fascinated about did not even hold. Mscheeww.
I wouldn’t say the event was a waste of time because I actually alearnt lot about innovation and business development etc. But still no jollof rice.

Four points hotel
Four points hotel
Four points hotel
Four points hotel

Anyway we decided to walk to the palms to get something to eat and on our way I told my colleagues that I wanted to use my camera, You can check out my new camera post here and I had also never climed the bridge before. So we began climbing the bridge and I took this dope pictures from various angles on the bridge.





We came down through the other side of the bridge to get to the mall, being JJCs (Johnny just come) we thought that instead of acrossing nd walking all the way, since we could spot the palms from the bridge, we can just walked a few miles and then cross over to the palms o (We were looking for shortcut) that was how we began walking and walking and walking and walking and walking thanks to the barricade provided by lagos government.

The barricade with no end.

p.s- the oriental hotel is a fascinating building, I absolutely love the architectural design.




We walked past the palms shopping mall, past civilization in fact till we began feeling lost.
And then after walking or over an hour, we saw an opening among the barricade and as small as that opening was, we had to squeeze ourselves through it so we could escape because we had no idea where the barricade was going to end. This opening is just before you get to Lekki round about.
Remember I hadn’t eaten anything. I thought I wasn’t going to make it back home.My whole body was aching, It was terrible.

We crossed the express road and we began walking to the palms from the other side because after all of the wahala I just went through, I must still eat that jollof rice o.
We walked for another 40 minutes back to VI from lekki before we actually saw a keke napep that could take us to the palms.

Who exactly advised Governor Ambode to barricade everywhere?


This will be my first time of actually walking in this area and it was a terrible experience.
I can never forget this day in my life.

The only positive side to this story was the fact that I took very good shots of Victoria Island. That’s the only thing that makes me happy whenever I think about that day.
Have you had similar experiences And do you pity me? Lol let me know in the comment box below.



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  2. Lol this is so funny. I can’t imagine walking all that way, you tried o..lop but you caused it. Great pictures too… Love the angles you took them from.

  3. Interesting post. Love your photography really.
    Funny how you walked all that way

  4. Oriental looks so beautiful.. Omg!!
    Love how you captured the images. And the bridge too.

  5. Girl, walking for that long? No. I’d have turned back lol.

    Those are great shots though. Made it worthwhile I guess.

    Funmi x

  6. The pictures are beautiful…the barricade was erected to stop people from crossing the road anyhow to avoid all those deaths.

  7. Super cool shots! Love them.. I’m curious to know if you were harassed by anyone for taking pictures. That’s my greatest fear taking pictures in Lagos

    PS: I walk from work (VI) to Lekki all the time.. It takes me 2hrs to get home and I enjoy every second of it πŸ™‚

  8. Hey nice posts! Keep up the good work. Nice photography too πŸ˜‰ lemme go check you stuff out on twitter. Been looking for where to buy nice hijabs and dresses.

  9. Wowww… These views are so lovely. I’ve only been to Lagos twice, last year and then this august. I live in Calabar but spending some time in Lagos was actually really, lol, funny and interesting. I used to complain about how taxi fares would fluctuate between 50-100bucks in calabar, but in Lagos, what I experienced in transportation wasn’t fair at all. I learned not to complain anymore. I hopped into busses, it was awesome

    • Lol jumping buses in lagos is so not awesome o!
      We don’t have those types of joint cabs here in lagos and yeah lagos is stressful.
      Thank you for stopping by ??

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