Hey guys,

I’m currently counting my days in uni and I swear I cant wait, I’m tired! I’ve been ranting on twitter now on how much I hate NYSC and how I pray that they scrap it or even make it optional because I can’t imagine going through all of that trouble after living in this kind of country lead by this kind of government. maybe the NYSC actually helped a lot of people and that’s good for them but it needs restructuring and I know I don’t want to travel all the way to one state and not end up returning home to my family (God forbid tho) just like the girl who recently died in the cap due to negligence. its really sad and I pray that the AlmightyΒ heals and strengthen her family.

This is one thing that is actually bothering my mind, the fact that I have to do NYC. I’ve suffered enough in this Nigeria and now I may have to face the whole NYSC orientation. Honestly, i don’t think the NYSC itself Β is actually that bad, I’m just really concerned about the camp, that is my MAJOR issue.

I saw a tweet recently about a girl in camp who was being harassed by one of the soldiers and there’s little or nothing she could do about it. imagine us being in the presence of the people who were put in place to mentally and physically train you only to be harassed because they see women as an object of please like are you kidding me? and trust me there is little or nothing you can do because there no one to report to. I saw a reply on the tweet and the guy said in quote

what is in your body that they cannot touch?

Just imagine that trash the one is divulging, mschheeewww!!

Anyway, I just knew that NYSC will deny the whole incident about the girl dying in camp, giving excuses that will just irritate your soul. they stated in quote

the girl was sick from home

like WTH??!! and so what? that doesn’t justify their negligence!

I swear I’m just tired of this country and can you imagine that no one, not any of our leaders has even come out to say anything about this situation. I saw a picture of some NYSC camps and i just wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. it made me sick to my stomach. even refugees live better than corpers in NYSC.

I’m sure you all can read how pissed I am because I just can’t! and someone will come and tell me that

i wont have some mandatory or necesary experiences needed to build a worthy life?

Like are you for real nigga?! I don’t need NYSC to teach me that, living in Nigeria alone has taught and is still teaching me that!


All in all, the NYSC program itself is not that bad, BUT the camp orientation should be scrapped if the government isn’t going to provide necessary facilities to help facilitate the program. can you imagine driving down to Ebonyi, ZamfaraΒ or all those other states with terrible and dysfunctional roads? like can you imagine?

Wait, do all these senators, the governors and some of these leaders kids even go for NYSC because I have not heard of ONE going for that, but how could they, how?

If I’m to continue with this post I swear I’m not going to stop because I’m just tired!

I always appreciate your comments, please let me know how you feel about this.